Monday, May 4, 2009

Can a priviate school demand that you give them your facbook password?

there have been some complaints about students who have inapproprite items on there facebook page, and they have been demanded that they give the school here password. is this llegal?

Can a priviate school demand that you give them your facbook password?
They can demand all they want.

You can say no.

They can say they no longer want you there.

Reply:Tell them to pound salt ( but nicely).

It's an invasion of your privacy.

Be prepared for detentions, though - you may have to go to Court to defend your rights.
Reply:I would not think it would be illegal, not least of which is because you can say no. No one is forcing you, because the alternative is to leave the school.

Private schools have pretty wide latitude in making their rules of matriculation (short of certain forms of discrimination, like race). The reason is because, as I said earlier, you can always leave. No one is forcing you to go to that school.

Hey, can't you just make fake/lame facebook site, and keep your sweet, cool one to yourself???
Reply:While rick is right in general, there are some recent cases on point and the issue may be more subtle then that. Hire an attorney to research the state of the art for you if it is important.
Reply:I don't see how that makes any sense! If they feel there are inappropriate things on their accounts, they should get in contact with the facebook people. Passwords are there for a reason, and the school has no right to infringe on the students' account. Facebook is a place for students to contact each other, is private, and has no business for the school to interfere.
Reply:say you dont got one
Reply:they can ask or demand till they are blue in the face. you are under no obligation to provide them with your password. facebook is a completely separate organization and is completely unrelated to the school. if they threaten to expel anyone for not giving the information they would be in breach of privacy laws. they can however inform parents of any concern or contact the police if they feel there is evidence of illegal activity past present or future but they do not have the authority to demand a password to a private account it would be like asking to see someones bank statements, medical records however as facebook is a public domain so to speak so anything posted there they are free to check up on but not to gain access to your account.

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