Monday, May 4, 2009

Is it possible to change my school info on facbook?

Well when i made my account i was being 100% honest. So i put my birthdate and everything. But when i started finding friends from my school, it said they were in highschool 9th grade. (I go to a secondary school and im in 8th grade) Yeah so all my friends are in the highschool network, but i cant join because i guess im not in highschool. Is there a way to change this with out making a new account or will i just have to wait until next year when i actually am in highschool?

Is it possible to change my school info on facbook?
try settings n search for what u can change
Reply:well, now that its a new year, and youll be in high school in the fall, at the top of the page, click the networks arrow, and then the dropdown menu will come up, and click add a network. then find the network for your school. but thten someone would have to say that yes, you do go to that school (like someone already in the network) so you can technically join the network. and idk how long you have exactly to join the network, but after that amount of time, i dont think you can join the network. just have to put in the highschool that going to or other.

that wat I did %26gt;.%26lt;
Reply:Just edit your account.
Reply:you can ask facebook to change it for you under facebook "help"

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