Monday, May 4, 2009

Good facbook reply? the inside joke between me and my friend u want to grab a bite to eat....because this girl always asks me that, and i do not like the other day on facebook...he left me a message that said do u want to grab a bite...and i replied u want me to steal ur girlfriend (just messing round) and then he replied u have a death wish? will see all this below...because i copyed the messages below...but my question is what would be a good reply to that last comment he left....any ideas? oh and we are both nothing dirty please.

David Jackson wrote

Hey, you want to go get a bite to eat?

Adam Steinberger wrote

Hey man, U want me to steal your girlfriend.

David Jackson wrote

Do you have a death wish?

Good facbook reply?
You call yourself a christian yet you and your friend are cracking a joke about a girl who clearly likes you online! Even if it is an inside joke it would hurt her to know the truth! Maybe you should stop being a jerk and let the girl know the real deal and tell ur friend to lay off the death comments...ITS ALREADY TOO MUCH OF THAT GOING ON IN THIS HELLISH WORLD!

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