Monday, May 4, 2009

How long will facbook be closed for?

Until they fix the problem they currently have. Your guess is a good as anyone else's.

How long will facbook be closed for?

I can't take it...I think I'm just gonna kill myself right here and now.

My's been a good 3 hours that I haven't been able to sign on. I scheduled an appointment with my psychiatrist but the soonest I can get it is tomorrow at 2pm!!! Blast! What shall I do? I have reached the lowest pit of despair. It's's all over...
Reply:they're having a security problem .. some people when they logged on could read other people's inboxes.. it should be back up now!!
Reply:Yep, the admin assistant doesn't even know.
Reply:I don't know :-( Usually they tell you when they'll be doing maintenance, and they do it in like the middle of the night when everyone is theoretically sleeping. I hate not being in though!!!
Reply:I have no clue, but I think they should make it work now...

i kinda neeeeeeed to get on right now!
Reply:it updating everything,,u know they tryin 2 be like myspace
Reply:I don't know... but its making me MAD!
Reply:just went there, its apparently running now
Reply:try it now, it's working fine... also a couple of hours ago, it had problems.. now it seems very fine!

Good news I guess ;)

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