Monday, May 4, 2009

How do i unblock myspace and Facbook at school?

i need to get on it plez help

eww i sound despert!

How do i unblock myspace and Facbook at school?
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Reply:to unblock sites you need something called "prxies" . You will need fresh

unblocked proxies on a daily or weekly basis. I know a

group that I use at school and all the proxies work


good luck


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Reply:This works on my school

or if ur in uk do www.
Reply:Just wait until you get home jeez most people can't last an hour without this crap
Reply:Honestly I would just type in "proxy?" right here at Yahoo! answers, its what I always do and you get a bunch of different links with millions of proxys I usually find one really quickly.

the url box is hidden to fool network admins..look around and you will find it..Its a WORKING get new proxies join
Reply:Proxy websites are continuously becoming BLOCKED by school network filters and firewalls. You will always need a new PROXY in order to view the websites you want.

If you want to get NEW and up to date proxies EVERYDAY, then you should join a Yahoo group. I tried out a few, but this one has worked the best for me.

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Reply:u need to use a proxy site to bypass the filter

Proxies are special websites which you easily go on at school and they allow you to go on websites at school which are blocked. These websites include: myspace, facebook, orkut, youtube etc.

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Reply:If your wanting UNBLOCKED and new proxy sites everyday of the week, because proxy sites get blocked in a couple of days.

Here is a group i developed with my friends at college, the group is aimed at people that need proxy sites and we update the group daily with new proxies.

Hope this helps you :)

Good Luck!

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Reply:- get the facebook app "access facebook at school"



- google "cache:"

- google "cache:"



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