Monday, May 4, 2009

Is anyone having problems login in to facbook this evening?

Yep. Won't let me log in. Says incorrect password/email combination.

Is anyone having problems login in to facbook this evening?

Got in first time
Reply:No mines not working either, its saying im entering the wrong password
Reply:Yeah i can't log in - keeps saying that i'm entering the wrong password when i'm not. I noticed two other people have asked the same question on Yahoo answers tonight too.
Reply:Yes i too am having problems. Says my password is incorrect and i should check the caps lock as case sensitive.

Weird! At least im not the only one.
Reply:yeah, i've just spent half an hour tryin to login just to be told my email/password is incorrect and when i try to reset password it say's i've entered an invalid email????????
Reply:Just been there no problems.
Reply:No, It may be because the amount of people trying to log in at once. Maybe leave it an hour and try again?
Reply:im having difficulties too, must be a site problem??
Reply:nope. got in ok 1min ago

my account says my facebook detected a potential scam to steal your account.

to prevent you must reset your password?

ahh help
Reply:Yes it wont let me put my password in and then when i try to rest the password it says its an invalid address. im scared someone has hacked it
Reply:yeah, its not recognising my email address and password! But using my ipod touch , it logs onto iphone/facebook fine...?? im glad its not just me
Reply:Yes, it keeps telling me my password is wrong, and when I click on the 'forgot password' and enter my email address, it tells me that it's invalid!! Thought I was going mad, must be a glitch with the system.
Reply:Yeh i got the same problem saying that i have an incorrect password/email combo. hopefully it will be sorted soon as i neeed to message some people asap.

I can't login. then when i try to reset my password it says invalid email address!

One of my mates can't get on either and the other had his account deleted for some reason!

Thought it was just me
Reply:No....... no problems here.
Reply:yep thought id been hacked lol
Reply:Nope I got in fine !
Reply:Yes i also get incorrect email/password combo, cant reset as it says invalid password and it doesnt find my account when i search for me. Guess it must be a technical problem. Hopfeully will be fixed soon :)
Reply:Yup I have the same problem and facebook wouldnt let me reset my password, said my email was invalid...I sent an email to who are supposed to sort it out!

Hopefully it should be sorted in the morning...I sugest that anyone else with this problem does the same so facebook notices the problem more quickly.

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